Top Rated Android Casinos Down Under

There is an endless, on-going debate as to whether Android or Apple is better. Some swear that freedom and flexibility is the only way to go, while others insist that a secure, controlled network is far more reliable and trustworthy. There is, of course, now definite answer to this debate, and people are free to choose whatever they wish, as they wish it. But there are undeniable advantages to both platforms.

Let’s have a look at how mobile casinos and Android devices go together, and discuss a few of the pros and cons for Australian gamblers.

Enormous Range Of Choices

Android and its primary application download centre, the Google Play Store, are virtually bursting at the seams with applications. This is because the Google Play Store is far more relaxed with which applications it allows to be offered, in comparison to the Apple iStore, which is very strict and controlled. Virtually anyone can upload an application at the Google Play Store, and offer it to users with few restrictions.

This means one major thing for you; a variety of options so large it can take a lifetime to see everything. Want a casino for your phone? There are hundreds on offer, all of which may be downloaded quickly and easily. At PokiesKing.biz we endeavour to seek out the best casinos in Australia and to provide players with easy access to them via smartphone or tablet.

Compatibility at its Best

There are, however, risks involved when you are dealing with such an open platform of third party applications such as the Google Play Store. Namely; will the application work with your phone? This is something to keep in mind; especially considering the mind boggling number of phone models application designers must take into consideration when creating programs. There are thousands of different button and interface configurations on hundreds of different phones, plus many different screen sizes, CPU speeds, and more. So, you may find a certain mobile casino doesn’t work especially well with your phone.

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The answer is, however, that you may simply try another and another, until you find one that is a perfect fit for your personal preferences. The Google Play Store will have a notification that tells you if an application is compatible with your phone. Look for it to at least start off on the right foot, although even this is no guarantee that the application will work well. If in doubt, again, you may simply download the program and test it out for yourself.

Ask Customer Support

If you are in doubt about a specific mobile application for your Android device, you can always contact the customer support centre of the casino you are trying to download and use. Every mobile casino on the Google Play Store has a developer, which means every mobile casino has a customer support centre, and you should take advantage when in need. Be sure to keep the model of your phone handy, and address the customer support centre politely. After all, these people must deal with an enormous number of queries on a daily basis, as is the nature of the Google Play Store.

Choose an Android casino endorsed by PokiesKing.biz and enjoy top-notch gaming on your Android whenever you choose.