Quality iPad Casinos Down Under

Different Australians prefer different platforms for their online gambling and pokies playing. Some swear that a laptop or home computer is the way to go, and that nothing beats the precision of a good old fashioned mouse. Others say little compares to the flexibility and convenience of playing on a mobile phone, with portability being a key factor. The iPad, however, is one of the most popular platforms to play online pokies, and with good reason. It has the processing power of a laptop, a battery life that beats that of a mobile phone, is as portable as a mobile phone, and has a large, high quality screen. Let’s have a closer look at the iPad and discuss some of the pros and cons.

Online Casinos And The iPad

When you’re right in the middle of a tense game of poker, the last thing you want to worry about is what each button does, if you are tapping the right button, and if the button is even going to register your finger. On small mobile phone screens, space is always an issue, and something that can be the difference between an enjoyable and frustrating playing experience. Yes, some mobile phones have bigger screens then others, but very little will compare to the crystal clear, comparably enormous screen of an iPad. There is space for every button, and the larger surface means that interaction is more reliably detected. As far as playing online casino games goes, this bigger screen is the obvious choice. Images will also be clearer, details more striking, and buttons far easier to identify.

Portability And Battery Life

A mobile phone does have an iPad beat in one area; a phone will fit in your pocket, an iPad will certainly not. There is just no easy way to carry around the much larger device, without having some sort of special bag or case, and this can be a fairly major inconvenience. Of course, you may simply suggest that a big mobile device need not be carried around where it is not needed, but having said device right in your pocket certainly seems like a more convenient option. As far as battery life goes, a mobile phone battery will run down at a pretty steady rate if it is in constant use, especially if the internet is being utilised. The iPad battery will last longer in almost all cases. Both can be charged with equal ease, but one will last longer then the other.

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Decisions, Decisions

At the end of the day, which device you prefer to play your mobile pokies on is up to you. There are pros and cons to all playing platforms, it’s just a matter of weighing them up and making a decision. Or, alternatively, you may choose to play on all platforms. The great thing about modern online casinos is that once an account is created, it can be accessed form any device, as long as you remember the password. So simply use the platform you prefer at any given time, and rather don’t be forced into making a choice at all.

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